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    There are dozens of radar detectors on the market at the moment, but only a few of these are really worth considering. The uniden r3 is regarded by many experts as one of the best radar detectors for both the average driver and the most demanding ones. A quick look at some of the highlights identified in a popular uniden r3 radar detector review will make it clear why this particular product has so many fans.

    An Excellent Detector in Just About Every Respect

    All radar detectors embody certain compromises and concessions to practicality. Most detectors, for instance, are relatively compact, a trait that makes them easy to install and carry but which limits sensitivity.

    cop radar requires being able to make informed choices regarding quite a few such trade-offs. As a company with a long history of producing high-quality radar detectors, Uniden is especially well positioned to do so.

    This can be seen in the company’s current flagship, the R3 detector. A particularly detailed uniden r3 review found online has praised the unit’s:

    Off-axis sensitivity.
    car radar sensor do a good job of identifying activity that happens within a fairly narrow cone projected over the road ahead but come up short otherwise. Unfortunately, savvy police officers tend to be aware of this, and many react appropriately. The R3 regularly outranks competing products with regard to its ability to sense radar coming from off its primary detection axis. That can easily save a driver from what would otherwise be a costly citation.

    GPS updates. Many high-end radar detectors today incorporate GPS technology that allow them to provide other types of warnings and features. Detectors that use GPS to alert drivers to red-light cameras on the road ahead, for instance, add another layer of protection that can be valuable.

    cobra radar scanner updates the R3’s built-in GPS database automatically and without charging for the service, making the unit that much more capable and reliable.

    Learning. False positives produced by radar detectors inevitably annoy and distract drivers. Like certain other competing units, the R3 has the ability to learn over time. Simply muting the R3 when it makes a mistake will help it become more accurate.

    Some Minor Flaws Fail to Drag Down a Leading Product

    Of course, the R3 does have a few weaknesses, such as the requirement that it be positioned upright to maintain its accuracy. Generally speaking, though, reviewers regard the R3 as one of the top detectors on the market for most drivers.